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It depends on your training. If you do not have economic, macro or fundamental studies, the quickest thing is to use technical analysis as a first approach to the markets. With this you will be able to develop a way of interpreting what is happening in any type of assets. You must decide what your "timing" is, that is, the temporary space in which you want to focus. It can be from trading on intraday charts to a more medium/long-term view. It will depend on the availability of your time, and the risk profile you have. If you do not know anything about technical analysis you have to start with the most basic:

  • What do the graphs show you?
  • Analysis of trends, supports and resistances
  • Graphic formations and their implications
  • Fibonacci Application: Corrections and Projections
  • Principles of Elliot's Theory
  • Introduction to technical indicators: focus more on oscillators at first.
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